To Improve Student Success, a University Confronts the Email Deluge

"Michigan State University is rethinking how it communicates with students, especially those who are freshmen or the first in their families to go to college. Sending hundreds of emails isn’t the best way — but what is?" | 0 Comments


Digital Textbook Codes As Costly As Traditional Course Materials

"Digital textbooks may be seen as a cost-friendly alternative to traditional course materials, but the fees for access codes can be just as pricey and can take away consumer autonomy from students, according to a new report from Student Public Interest Research Groups."


Gartner's Glenda Morgan on Learning Analytics

Video: Gartner's Glenda Morgan on Learning Analytics 



Organizing Your Thoughts With Note-Taking Apps

"One fabulous option for both students and professionals is Noteshelf. The app functions as a library of notebooks, letting you create a new book for each class or business meeting. You can title the notebooks and customize their covers to help identify them later. You can choose from different types of paper, including squared, lined, plain, and specialized designs intended for sports scores or music notation." | 0 Comments


Introducing the All New Box: Where All Your Work Comes Together

"Box's web interface is getting a complete redesign, with new organization, search and preview capabilities. The company is launching a new desktop app to help Windows and Mac users access their files. It's also coming out with a desktop app for users of its Box Notes collaborative document editing service. " | 0 Comments


Institutional Analytics Is Hard Work

"Despite the hype, the [data-driven decision-making] field remains nascent, the implications uncertain."1 Burns's perspective on the infancy of the field of analytics can be attributed to one simple truth: institutional analytics is hard work." | 0 Comments


The New Cheating Economy

"Before the class started, he went on Craigslist and enlisted the service of a professional cheater. For $1,000 — less than the monthly housing allowance he was receiving through the GI Bill, he says — Mr. Sambrano hired a stranger to take his entire course." | 0 Comments

Course scheduling websites vie for University students’ attention...and money

"For Joe Puccio, the University of Illinois does not exist without Memphis, Tennessee."


State University announces free e-textbooks for students

"Kentucky State University (KSU) is hoping to make college more affordable for students through a new partnership with Pearson that will offer e-textbooks to all KSU students for a flat…" | 0 Comments


Why colleges and universities are easy targets for hackers-and what to do about it

"These schools in many cases are essentially internet service providers for their students who access very few resources on the local network. Almost every web site they visit and email they receive is from a source that resides outside the LAN." | 0 Comments


Which Ed-Tech Tools Truly Work? New Project Aims to Tell Why No One Seems Eager to Find Out

"Which Ed-Tech Tools Truly Work? New Project Aims to Tell Why No One Seems Eager to Find Out - The Chronicle of Higher Education: "Every year ed-tech companies develop and sell shiny new products built more around marketing promises than proven efficacy. Those businesses — and their investors — don’t see a financial payoff in spending their time or their limited financial resources on academic studies." | 0 Comments

Mobile in and Out of the Classroom

"When Associate Professor Stephanie Cole walks into her U.S. History Survey class at the University of Texas at Arlington, she faces about 150 students, each of whom carries a smartphone, laptop or tablet. Cole, in turn, uses PowerPoint slides and a screen. For 80 minutes twice a week, Cole and her students engage with each other, discussing concepts, asking and answering questions, giving and taking notes." | 0 Comments


What Happens to Your Online Accounts When You Die?

"As more people continue to jump on the latest social networking site or app to share their lives and interests with friends, dealing with the grim task of figuring out what to do with all the online accounts and social profiles of a deceased loved one is becoming more of a common situation that families are needing to face these days." | 0 Comments


4 ways colleges are outsmarting data challenges

"Colleges and universities are home to the most advanced thinking and research in all fields: medicine, law, mathematics, business and beyond. Ironically, such schools haven’t always been as smart when it comes to data. This has been unfortunate, because the data needs of today’s two- and four-year degree granting institutions are as diverse and multidimensional as they come." | 0 Comments


College Campuses Are Being Overrun by Pokémon Go

"A new game spinning off the ’90s kids’ card-game phenomenon has students exploring their campuses through new eyes — their smartphones. College officials are trying to keep up." | 0 Comments


Academic Technology Wish List (and Anti-wish List)

"The #1, undisputed champion on the most desired classroom technology list is for simplistic (“one button”) network friendly device/platform agnostic screen sharing that can be used by instructors and students. This led to a discussion about other ways people have attacked the problem. " | 0 Comments

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