Even Though Colleges Love to Hate Blackboard, It Might Sell for $3 Billion

"Mr. Alderson guessed it could be a major textbook company like Pearson, which just sold the Financial Times for $1.3 billion, and so has the wherewithal to be a serious bidder for Blackboard. Or he said it could be a major technology provider such as Oracle, or a private-equity firm that saw an opportunity for further growth." | 0 Comments


5 reasons you hate LinkedIn so much

"Despite the fact that we spend hours poring over our exes’ posts on Facebook FB, +0.81% , tweeting snapshots of our perfectly staged meals, and trying to angle our way into a better job on LinkedIn, Americans just aren’t happy about the social media sites they frequent — particularly LinkedIn LNKD, +2.69% ." | 0 Comments


New trends in course materials aim to help Millennials

"According to a new report from the National Association of College Stores (NACS), annual student spending on college course materials in the U.S. has declined steadily over the past seven years. However, the number of required materials have remained steady." | 0 Comments


Blackboard Learn Adds Caliper Analytics Certification

"As a result of the certification, Blackboard Learn users will now be able to access learning data, dubbed an "event stream" within the standards, at no additional cost." | 0 Comments


Moving past the myths of mobile learning

“Our perspectives on [mobile learning] seek to…stimulate an appetite to embrace the opportunities in open and distance learning, while minimizing the potential negative effects of technological, social and pedagogical change,” explains Lydia Mbati, senior researcher with specialties in higher ed-tech and pedagogic theory at UNISA, and co-author of the report.

Most of the myths identified by Brown and Mbati focus on mobile learning’s oft-described “techno-centric” characteristics, which the researchers say may do a disservice to those educators either interested in implementing mLearning, or have already done so." | 0 Comments


Apple, IBM, and Coppell ISD (Texas) are partnering to work on a “Student Achievement App.”

"Alex Kaplan of IBM compared the prospect of its planned “Student Achievement App” to the excitement people get when Netflix recommends a new movie." | 0 Comments

Federal Student Aid PIN (1998 -2015)

"Federal Student Aid PIN, known as PIN to his many friends, died on May 10, 2015, after a long life of public service. Born in Washington, D.C. in 1998, PIN immediately made his presence felt across the country as he helped students complete their FAFSAs electronically on the World Wide Web." | 0 Comments


Where Should You Keep Your Data?

"Federal funding agencies have made it clear that grant proposals must include plans for sharing research data with other scientists. What has not been clear is how and where researchers should store their data, which can range from sensitive personal medical information to enormous troves of satellite imagery." | 0 Comments


IBM and Box Team Up to Target Global Data-Storage Market

"IBM, the technology giant, and Box, a Silicon Valley online file-storage company, are combining their products, technology and marketing to try to smarten and streamline the work done by teams in business." | 0 Comments


Future of textbooks increasingly looks digital

"Students and teachers in some University of Georgia introductory biology courses experimented with using a free digital textbook instead of expensive paper texts in fall 2013 courses, and liked it.
About 86 percent of nearly 700 students surveyed after the courses said their online textbook was as good as or better than a traditional paper textbook." | 0 Comments


Art Schools Go MOOC, With a New Online Platform

"The new virtual art school, called Kadenze, has already teamed up with programs at 18 institutions, including Stanford and Princeton Universities, to create a digital platform designed for arts courses. According to a company co-founder, Perry R. Cook, an emeritus professor at Princeton, the platform will be “multimedia rich” and allow students to create online portfolios, upload music files and scanned art, watch videos, and participate in discussion forums." | 0 Comments


EdTech’s Must-Read Higher Ed IT Blogs

EdTech picks the smartest, savviest bloggers in higher education | 0 Comments


Wearables at work: the new frontier of employee surveillance

"He only had himself to blame, Mike Weston thought ruefully as he strapped a Fitbit to his wrist one cold February morning. His company was about to start tracking him 24 hours a day, gathering data on everything from his sleep quality and heart rate to his location and web browsing habits." | 0 Comments


Technology won’t fix America’s neediest schools. It makes bad education worse

"“Technology is a game-changer in the field of education,” Education Secretary Arne Duncan once said, and there was a time when I would have agreed. Over the last decade, I’ve built, used, and studied educational technology in countries around the world. As a computer scientist and former Microsoft employee, I wanted nothing more than to see innovation triumph in the classroom." | 0 Comments


Americans’ Attitudes About Privacy, Security and Surveillance

"And in a new Pew Research Center study on attitudes towards privacy, few Americans have any confidence that their data will remain private and secure. They also don't have much faith that government agencies can keep their records private and secure." | 0 Comments

Making Computer Science More Inviting

"When Sonja Khan started college, she’d never thought of studying computer science. But when she heard from friends that the intro class was good, she decided to give it a try — and then ended up majoring in it.
Four years later, she has just graduated with a computer science degree, is pursuing a master’s degree and is headed to a summer internship at Facebook." | 0 Comments

New Graduates Test the Promise of Competency-Based Education

"A program at Texas A&M at Commerce offers degrees are flexible, low-cost, and aimed at the needs of the workplace. Will they lead to jobs?"


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