Academic Technology Wish List (and Anti-wish List)

"The #1, undisputed champion on the most desired classroom technology list is for simplistic (“one button”) network friendly device/platform agnostic screen sharing that can be used by instructors and students. This led to a discussion about other ways people have attacked the problem. " | 0 Comments


University pays $20,000 to ransomware hackers

"The University of Calgary transferred 20,000 Canadian dollars-worth of bitcoins ($15,780; £10,840) after it was unable to unwind damage caused by a type of attack known as ransomware." | 0 Comments

The Web’s Creator Looks to Reinvent It

"Today, the World Wide Web has become a system that is often subject to control by governments and corporations. So what might happen, the computer scientists posited, if they could harness newer technologies — like the software used for digital currencies, or the technology of peer-to-peer music sharing — to create a more decentralized web with more privacy, less government and corporate control, and a level of permanence and reliability?" | 0 Comments


MOOCs, Money, and the Untold Story of a Professor Who 'Bought the Hype'

"... how officials and a professor tripped over one another as they raced into the future. At a time when universities faced pressure to adopt the "fail fast" mantra of the tech industry, the rec­ords offer a stark reminder of what haste, and failure, can cost." | 0 Comments


UIS Computer Science Ranked 3rd in Affordability

"For its affordability, Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia, leads the group with an estimated out-of-state tuition rate of $10,500 for two years of full-time enrollment. Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia, comes in second with a tuition rate of $12,240 for their two-year program, and the University of Illinois Springfield in Springfield, Illinois, comes in third at $13,041." | 0 Comments


Millions of hacked LinkedIn IDs advertised 'for sale'

"A hacker is advertising what he says is more than one hundred million LinkedIn logins for sale. The IDs were reportedly sourced from a breach four years ago, which had previously been thought to have included a fraction of that number." | 0 Comments

UC students' suit claims Google scanned accounts without permission

"Legal action against Google by four UC Berkeley students has ballooned into two lawsuits by 890 U.S. college students and alumni alleging the firm harvested their data for commercial gain without their consent." | 0 Comments


Why smart kids shouldn’t use laptops in class

"Now there is an answer, thanks to a big, new experiment from economists at West Point, who randomly banned computers from some sections of a popular economics course this past year at the military academy. One-third of the sections could use laptops or tablets to take notes during lecture; one-third could use tablets, but only to look at class materials; and one-third were prohibited from using any technology.
Unsurprisingly, the students who were allowed to use laptops — and 80 percent of them did — scored worse on the final exam. What’s interesting is that the smartest students seemed to be harmed the most." | 0 Comments


A Moment of Clarity on the Role of Technology in Teaching

"A recent report from MIT about online education argues that the right way to use technology is to help professors do what they already do, but better." | 0 Comments


Oh hey, look, someone dropped a USB drive!

"Researchers dropped nearly 300 flash drives, of different types, in 30 different locations on the Urbana campus, including the main quad, south quad and engineering quad, as well as in parking lots, hallways, classrooms, libraries, cafeterias and, yes, sidewalks. | 0 Comments


University partners with Homeland Security to create infrastructure protection center

“Led by the University of Illinois, CIRI is developing new technologies and business approaches to improve the security and resiliency of critical infrastructure,” said a statement released by the Department of Homeland Security." | 0 Comments


Understanding the Origins of Ed-Tech Snake Oil

"Personalized learning! Adaptive learning! Brain science! Learning science! Big data! New and improved! The marketing for "personalized" educational products can feel a little like a late-night infomercial. Rather than getting common-sense explanations of how the products work or being provided with peer-reviewed research to justify ambitious (if vague) claims, we are simply reassured that a product works because it is "based on the science of neuroplasticity." | 0 Comments


The future of textbooks looks like this

"Faculty and students may still prefer print to digital, but spikes in print costs, as well as a demand for personalization, is pushing digital textbooks and course materials to the…" | 0 Comments


Survey finds grade inflation continues to rise at four-year colleges, but not at community college

"A is by far the most common grade on both four-year and two-year college campuses (more than 42 percent of grades). At four-year schools, awarding of A's has been going up five to six percentage points per decade and A's are now three times more common than they were in 1960." | 0 Comments


How Sal Khan Hopes to Remake Education

"Khan Academy has become a force. Its founder, Salman Khan, talks about his vision for the future, and what he thinks the college of tomorrow should look like. " | 0 Comments


Using dance to design robotics control systems

"Amy LaViers, assistant professor of mechanical science and engineering at the University, is using this connection in her upcoming research project that aims to create a multi-platform robotics control system inspired by the way humans move." | 0 Comments

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