Social media has negative impact on academic performance

"A new study released by researchers at The Miriam Hospital’s Centers for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine shows a link between social media use and poor academic performance. The study wasn’t limited to usage of traditional social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook, but instead included popular social technology like texting." | 0 Comments


Another Network Outage at Rutgers Leads to Frustration Among Professors and Students

"The attack, which started at about 10 a.m. and lasted into the afternoon, is the fourth to hit the university since November 2014. After last year’s attacks, Rutgers spent $3 million to tighten its security — which is one of the reasons the institution raised tuition and fees 2.3 percent this year, according to NJ.com." | 0 Comments

Thousands of medical devices are vulnerable to hacking

"Thousands of medical devices, including MRI scanners, X-ray machines and drug infusion pumps, are vulnerable to hacking, creating significant health risks for patients, security researchers said this week." | 0 Comments

The Cyber Siege of Higher Education in North America

"A flurry of cyber security incident headlines this summer is illustrating a growing threat facing nearly every higher education institution in North America. Notable incidents included news this spring that Penn State University's entire Engineering School had to be taken offline for an extensive investigation and clean-up of its network and systems. That incident was followed in August with similar news from the University of Virginia (UVA) of a targeted cyber attack against two officials whose work was connected with China." | 0 Comments


Learning Is Not a Spectator Sport

"However, a study published in the Proceedings of the Second (2015) ACM Conference on Learning @ Scale shows that this central approach of MOOCs — having students watch to learn — is ineffective. Instead, the emphasis on interactive activities as advocated by Carnegie Mellon University’s Simon Initiative helps students learn about six times more. " | 0 Comments


India Replaces China as Next Big Frontier for U.S. Tech Companies

"American technology companies desperately want to win over people like Rakesh Padachuri and his family." | 0 Comments


U.S. universities lead in innovation, Asia a rising power

"U.S. universities lead the world in scientific innovation but face strong competition from Asian rivals with close ties to industry, according to a detailed analysis of academic papers and patent filings." | 0 Comments

The Undoing of Disruption

"Critics have long grumbled that "disruptive innovation" is just a buzz term. Now a new study casts far more substantial doubt on the popular theory" | 0 Comments


An online degree may be great for Venus Williams, but what about for you?

"Those of us without Williams’s money, talent, or fame, who might require a credential to get a job, may find the path to success with an online degree a bit more challenging. That’s because institutions ranging from much-maligned for-profit colleges to Western Governors University, a nonprofit all-online university, to prestigious traditional colleges such as Georgetown University, are offering online courses and degrees and there’s little information out there to differentiate between them." | 0 Comments

Illini Gadget Garage to open at University’s campus

"The Illini Gadget Garage will provide a space for students and faculty to take their broken electronic devices to get them fixed and an opportunity to work simultaneously with staffers to learn and understand how to repair these devices on their own. The idea is to teach users how to repair and maintain their devices through a collaborative repair process." | 0 Comments

Extra screen time drags down teenagers' exam grades, study finds

"Teenagers who spend an extra hour a day surfing the internet, watching TV or playing computer games risk performing two grades worse in exams than their peers who don't, according to research by British scientists." | 0 Comments


Box Ramps Up Reach into Higher Ed

"Several institutions have signed on as new customers for Box, which provides content collaboration through cloud storage. Dartmouth College, Utah State, the University of Chicago and Loyola Marymount are taking advantage of the company's recent offer of unlimited storage for schools when they sign up under a program managed through Internet2's NET+ initiative." | 0 Comments


Buzzwords May Be Stifling Teaching Innovation at Colleges

"One of the obstacles to bringing "adaptive learning" to college classrooms is that professors, administrators, and even those who make adaptive-learning systems don’t always agree on what that buzzword means." | 0 Comments


How Some Professors Deploy Mobile Technology in Their Teaching

"Professors at Seton Hill University are under pressure to incorporate mobile technology into their classes: All students are given a MacBook and an iPad as freshmen. Emily A. Wierszewski, an associate professor of English and composition, has made iPads a central part of her freshman courses, using comics to help students construct papers." | 0 Comments


Why Is Measuring Learning So Difficult?



‘Machine Teaching’ Is Seen as Way to Develop Personalized Curricula

Computer scientists are working with scholars in psychology and educational psychology to foster learning through approaches customized to how students learn. | 0 Comments


Even Though Colleges Love to Hate Blackboard, It Might Sell for $3 Billion

"Mr. Alderson guessed it could be a major textbook company like Pearson, which just sold the Financial Times for $1.3 billion, and so has the wherewithal to be a serious bidder for Blackboard. Or he said it could be a major technology provider such as Oracle, or a private-equity firm that saw an opportunity for further growth." | 0 Comments


5 reasons you hate LinkedIn so much

"Despite the fact that we spend hours poring over our exes’ posts on Facebook FB, +0.81% , tweeting snapshots of our perfectly staged meals, and trying to angle our way into a better job on LinkedIn, Americans just aren’t happy about the social media sites they frequent — particularly LinkedIn LNKD, +2.69% ." | 0 Comments


New trends in course materials aim to help Millennials

"According to a new report from the National Association of College Stores (NACS), annual student spending on college course materials in the U.S. has declined steadily over the past seven years. However, the number of required materials have remained steady." | 0 Comments

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