Box Delivers New Integrations With Microsoft

"The integrations between Microsoft and Box let people store their documents in the cloud on Box and work with them in Microsoft Office, adding to the list of Microsoft products that work together with Box. The online file storage and sharing service previously introduced integrations with Office 365 on the desktop and Office for iPad and iPhone. The company also offers the Box app for Windows 10 and Outlook apps for iPhone and iPad." | 0 Comments


Computer Science, Meet Humanities: in New Majors, Opposites Attract

"Stanford University sees such integration as a way to bring in students who are drawn to the arts but feel that they need computing skills for their careers." | 0 Comments


The Story of a Digital Teddy Bear Shows How College Learning Is Changing

"The idea is that, as I give one bear a hug, it sends a Wi-Fi message to that one, and that bear gently vibrates," the student said. As the visitor nestled the toy to her chest and began to feel the simulated embrace, she laughed delightedly, with a wide-eyed smile." | 0 Comments


Promise and Limits of ‘Learning Analytics’

"The story of Utah State’s graphic turns out to show the promises and limitations of learning analytics, and it highlights the issues raised when the type of data visualizations now common in business are brought to the college classroom." | 0 Comments


Without Immigrants, We Wouldn't Have Google

"Consider one of the founders of Google, Sergey Brin. His experience defines what it means to transition from outsider to insider. He came to this country at age six because his parents were trying to escape the oppression of the former Soviet Union. Needless to say, his family brought no wealth with them. His parents’ primary assets were their talents, energies, and aspirations to have a better life for themselves and their children." | 0 Comments


Yes, Christmas lights can screw up your Wi-Fi

"Yes, Christmas lights can have an effect on your Wi-Fi. No, Wi-Fi isn't waging war on Christmas." | 0 Comments


Privacy Elusive in World Linked by Mobile and IoT

"An annual report published by the Georgia Institute of Technology examined the emerging cyber threats for the coming year, among them: ever-shrinking personal privacy, lackadaisical security considerations in the Internet of Things and a dearth of trained experts to stay on top of cybersecurity considerations for organizations." | 0 Comments


20 should-know technology tidbits from EDUCAUSE

"Enabling personalized learning, ensuring mobile capacity and security, and partnering with industry leaders to provide game-changing solutions dominated the exhibit hall at this year’s EDUCAUSE 2015." | 0 Comments


UI will not monitor anonymous social media, despite activists push

"On Oct. 21, 72 women’s and civil rights organizations gathered in Washington D.C. to advocate for the U.S. Department of Education to insist that colleges monitor anonymous social media for racist and sexual comments to protect students who are identifiable." | 0 Comments


What Colleges Might Lose by Banning Yik Yak

"Yik Yak should work with colleges to identify users who spew particularly hateful or defaming speech, and colleges should care that students on their campuses are doing this. However, my research demonstrates that harassment via Yik Yak is rare. Users attest that "the community" does a good job of regulating what they qualify as derogatory speech." | 0 Comments


The Digital Divide is an Economic Divide

"While network providers such as Frontier Communications or Mediacom have worked to reach deeper into rural areas in Southern Illinois, there are some geographic and economic barriers to expanding broadband in places that are hilly, forested and remote. " | 0 Comments


How a 40-Year-Old Idea Became Higher Education’s Next Big Thing

"The story of how competency-based education has become the latest Next Big Thing after being around for four decades is a tale of timing, of money and politics, and of shifting academic norms." | 0 Comments


My Love-Hate Relationship With TurnItIn

"Every paper turned in to my class Dropbox gets automatically run against TurnItIn’s plagiarism-detection tool. I detest plagiarists; they are the bane of my professional existence. I’ve done my best to stamp out plagiarism with antiformulaic assignment prompts, rotating exams, and gentle reminders through the semester that committing plagiarism invites the devil into your soul. Still, I get students who, either from Machiavellian overconfidence or through abject laziness, plagiarize." | 0 Comments


Social media has negative impact on academic performance

"A new study released by researchers at The Miriam Hospital’s Centers for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine shows a link between social media use and poor academic performance. The study wasn’t limited to usage of traditional social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook, but instead included popular social technology like texting." | 0 Comments

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