Big Hopes, Scant Evidence

"But the letdowns of the last overhyped remedy for higher education’s shortcomings (MOOCs, anyone?) ought to remind us that we would do well to genuinely understand the limitations and caveats of big-data analytics before jumping on a bandwagon that turns out to be in the wrong parade." | 0 Comments


6 Tips on the Future of Learning from Actual Teenage Exponential Thinkers

"What happens when you gather 14 of the world’s brightest teenagers at Singularity University and ask them to design the future of education? We found out during an Exponential Youth Camp pilot alongside our Global Solutions Program. Here are the teens’ six tips for entrepreneurs and educators building future of education." | 0 Comments


Five Myths About Online Program Management

"Over the years it became evident to me that in the rush to move courses online, the revenue-share model encouraged a cookie-cutter approach to online learning that, all too often, misaligned incentives in ways that put scale ahead of quality and revenues before outcomes. The dean of a top 20 business school once put it to me this way:." | 0 Comments

Incredible gains in student retention noted by universities using edtech strategies

"At the heart of today’s college completion conundrum is the challenge of helping more first-generation college-goers, especially low-income students and students of color, start and finish strong. While first-generation students compose nearly one-third [1] of students entering two- or four-year colleges and universities in the US, only 11 percent of low-income, first-generation students earn a bachelor’s degree within six years. The first-year experience is especially problematic for these students—the Pell Institute found [2] that low-income, first-generation students were almost four times more likely to leave college after the first year than more affluent peers." | 0 Comments


ED Issues Final State Authorization Regulations

"Many states require postsecondary education providers to be authorized by the state to deliver postsecondary education within the state. The new federal regulations establish that, for states with relevant requirements, an institution of higher education must have such authorization for any distance learning programs it delivers in that state; if the institution doesn’t, its students in those programs cannot use federal student aid to pay for their education." | 0 Comments


Learning Analytics Research for LMS Course Design: Two Studies

"In 2014 the EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research (ECAR) identified three key motivators for faculty use of IT: (1) evidence of benefit to students, (2) course release time, and (3) confidence the technology will work.1 Typically, deans and chairs are responsible for no. 2, and IT support handles no. 3. But who is really responsible for no. 1?" | 0 Comments


The 6 Major Barriers to Technology Adoption in Higher Ed

"Even as technology proliferates in education at unprecedented rates, new hurdles - including limitations of the human mind to keep up with technological advances - are throwing themselves in the way of effective implementation."


ADA Compliance for Online Course Design

"Providing multiple ways for students to gain knowledge, demonstrate knowledge, and interact goes a long way toward making a course accessible to all students, including those with disabilities. It is also helpful to know a bit about the thousands of assistive technologies that people with disabilities might use to provide input to the computer and gain access to the output." | 0 Comments


Illinois Issues: Hackers Expose Cybersecurity Holes In The State

"When Tim Soper received a letter from the Illinois Board of Elections in late September informing him that personal data from his voter registration may have been compromised in a cybersecurity breach, he chose to find the humor in the situation." | 0 Comments


OneDrive brings new file collaboration and management features to the enterprise

"Microsoft gave users and administrators of OneDrive for Business some new features on Tuesday that they’ve requested for a while.

The company also launched a new Mac client for its business-focused cloud storage service that can be deployed outside the confines of the Mac App Store. Users will also be able to sync files from SharePoint sites and OneDrive for Business shared folders to their desktops, like they have been able to for files that they own." | 0 Comments


Looking Beyond the LMS: Why a Single App Won't Work

"What will the next-generation learning management system look like? Will it just be the next iteration of Blackboard, Canvas or Moodle? Malcolm Brown, executive director of the Educause Learning Initiative (ELI), said his group started researching the topic and decided that was the wrong question.

"We soon realized the thinking that prompted that question was old and in a box. We needed to step outside that box," said Brown. He recalled talking to Randy Bass, vice provost for education at Georgetown University, who said, "If you are talking about a single application, I don't want to talk any further about that." | 0 Comments


Grading the MOOCs

"More than four years after Harvard and MIT launched the nonprofit learning platform edX, a joint research team from the two schools have released a report on the online classrooms.
What they found was increased participation by diverse participants, many of whom are teachers." | 0 Comments


Personalized Learning: The Conversations We’re Not Having

"The pursuit of personalized education at a mass scale still drives a number of current technology initiatives in education. New technology is promised to level the playing field, effectively creating equal access to learning opportunities by democratizing information and instruction. Advocates hope that a technologyenabled shift (e.g., from teacher-based classroom interventions to personalized tablets and data-driven individualized learning plans) can provide a new incarnation of the one-teacher-one-student model— tailoring the learning experience to individual progress, interests, and goals. Classrooms could then be spaces in which advanced students and struggling students alike not only have their needs met, but are supported in the curious and creative pursuit of their own paths. Through personalized learning, these lofty goals seem within reach" | 0 Comments


Accessible Instructional Materials Bill Introduced with Higher Ed., Disability, Publishing, and Tech Groups’ Support

"the American Council on Education, and other higher education groups worked with the National Federation of the Blind, the Association of American Publishers, and the Software and Information Industry Association on proposals leading to the Accessible Instructional Materials in Higher Education (AIM-HE) Act. Now before Congress, the bill replaces the TEACH Act with legislation having broad stakeholder support" | 0 Comments


Quit Social Media. Your Career May Depend on It.

"This claim, of course, runs counter to our current understanding of social media’s role in the professional sphere. We’ve been told that it’s important to tend to your so-called social media brand, as this provides you access to opportunities you might otherwise miss and supports the diverse contact network you need to get ahead. Many people in my generation fear that without a social media presence, they would be invisible to the job market." | 0 Comments

The 2016 National Survey of eLearning and Information Technology in US Higher Education

"Eight years after the beginning of the Great Recession, almost two-thirds (63 percent) of the CIOs and senior IT officers who participated in the 2016 survey report that IT funding at their campus “has not fully recovered from the budget cuts we have experienced over the past four-six years.” | 0 Comments

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