Oxford, Rice, Open U Add to iTunes U Electronic Book Collection

Three institutions--Oxford University, Rice University, and Open University--have added e-books for free download through iTunes U, Apple's educational area in its iTunes Store. Each is taking a unique approach to the selection of its e-books, but all are using the EPUB format. | 0 Comments


Online vs. Traditional Learning: Time to End the Family Feud

"However, too many innovators brag at length about the bells and whistles of their tech-savvy children. They wax poetic about their exciting features and ever-growing functions that may or may not have anything to do with student achievement. Moreover, in the quest to increase credibility, some advocates for online learning argue that technology-enabled learning is vastly superior to traditional chalk-and-talk methods. Some of the more vocal zealots regularly lambast all lectures and mock any required face time as anachronistic. In their minds, these are vestiges of a failed system. In response, traditionalists scold the newcomers, reject their innovations, and pine for a simpler time." | 0 Comments

IPad a Therapeutic Marvel for Disabled People

OWEN CAIN depends on a respirator and struggles to make even the slightest movements — he has had a debilitating motor-neuron disease since infancy. Owen, 7, does not have the strength to maneuver a computer mouse, but when a nurse propped her boyfriend’s iPad within reach in June, he did something his mother had never seen before. | 0 Comments

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