Why We Should Think Twice Before Curing Kids’ Dependence On Computers And IPods

"The night I lost my digital virginity, I was sixteen, visiting family in Paris. One evening, my cousin and I decided to go to a movie. Before I could reach for the newspaper listings, he switched on a box the size of a small television that sat on a living room shelf, unnoticed by me until that moment. The screen glowed blue as he typed in a sequence of numbers. Voilà! The desired information appeared in a flash of light that seemed nothing less than magical. " | 0 Comments


Hacker Offers Access to Higher-Education Web Sites

A hacker is selling high-level access to university Web sites, which could include the ability to alter or delete content, the security company Imperva reported Friday. The hacker is also offering “high value information,” such as personnel databases." | 0 Comments


$2-Billion Federal Program Could Be 'Windfall' for Open Online Learning

$2-Billion Federal Program Could Be 'Windfall' for Open Online Learning. Any online courses developed using program grants must be free to all, but it is unknown what share of grants will go to such efforts. | 0 Comments

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