UI, IBM argued over 'substantial changes' to Blue Waters

Disputes between IBM and the University had been ongoing for a year before the computing company notified the University of its intention to terminate their Blue Waters contract, according to documents released under the Illinois’ Freedom of Information Act. | 0 Comments


Appeals Court Reinstates $675,000 Fine Against Student Downloader

The high-profile lawsuit by music-industry officials against Joel Tenenbaum, who downloaded and made available to others thousands of copyrighted songs over the Internet while he was an undergraduate at Goucher College, took a new turn on Friday, when a U.S. appeals court restored a $675,000 fine against the student—for now. | 0 Comments

Students Design Low-Tech Ways to Help Improve Lives of Rural Poor

Inside a workshop at the edge of this city's scrappy industrial district, groups of university students, engineers, and others are showcasing a panoply of inventions, all aimed at improving the lives of the rural poor. | 0 Comments

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