UC podcasting trial

Standing at the front of a classroom, Jennings is reviewing the syllabus of her Introduction to Mass Communication course, which started Tuesday at the University of Cincinnati. She gives the students her e-mail and phone contacts and tells them they need to score 462 points to get an A in her class. And then she says this: "I am strapped in. We are recording. This is very new. This is experimental. This is the first time it's been done on UC's campus." | 0 Comments


The new MacBook Pro which is scheduled to replace the PowerBook.

Of course, no Steve Jobs keynote would be complete without his trademark “one more thing.” This year’s was a doozy: a new laptop computer called the MacBook Pro. That’s right — no more PowerBook. | 0 Comments

Intel inside the new iMac

Using the new Core Duo chip from Intel, Apple’s new iMac, which goes on sale today in 17 and 20-inch versions, is two to three times faster than its predecessor, according to Jobs. It’s available in the same design as before, with the same prices. | 0 Comments

MP3 Surrounded

On the following pages you can download a free evaluation version of the Fraunhofer IIS MP3 Surround player featuring Ensonido and the MP3 Stereo eXtended converter. An MP3 Surround command line encoder is available at www.all4mp3.com. This evaluation software is for personal and non-commercial use and intended to demonstrate the MP3 Surround technology available at Fraunhofer IIS. | 0 Comments


Private Office or Cubicle: The Debate Goes On

Jim Cooper considers himself one lucky software developer. He works in a private office at SAS Institute Inc. in Cary, N.C., with a radio playing in the background, and he takes calls on a speakerphone. It's an environment that makes him far more productive than he would be working in a cubicle, he says. | 0 Comments

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