Mobile Innovations

6 Mobile Innovations That Will Change Your Life. | 0 Comments


Fight Back Against Identity Theft

Free webcast. | 0 Comments

U.S. colleges and universities spend nearly $2 billion on energy

U.S. colleges and universities spend nearly $2 billion each year on energy, according to the federal government. And the Department of Energy (DOE) estimates that the average PC wastes up to 400 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year simply by running at full power when no user is present. | 0 Comments


Cal Poly-St. Luis Obispo to Move Away from SSNs as Unique Identifiers

Starting this fall, entering students at Cal Poly - St Luis Obispo will not be identified in school computer systems by their Social Security numbers (SSNs), but will use a new numbering scheme, as will faculty and most staff members. | 0 Comments

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