The Tell-All Campus Tour

Broke young college graduates with ideas for awesome new Web sites are about as thick on the ground as pigeons in New York City, but Jordan Goldman has a talent for getting noticed. Born and raised in Staten Island, he graduated from Wesleyan in 2004, spent two post-grad years in England and, upon his return to his native city, lived in 16 different sublets in the next two years. His own parents referred to him as the Wandering Jew." I was ordering Chinese lunch specials and dividing them into three," he remembered recently, "and that was my food for days. My mom thought" I was nuts. She kept saying, 'Get a job,' and I'd say, 'No, Ma, I have this idea.'" | 0 Comments

A green IT checklist: From first steps to stretch goals

Leading businesses are looking for ways to get green. Some are motivated by concern for the planet; others by the cost savings or the marketing advantages that can come from more environmentally friendly policies. Often, they're driven by a combination of factors. In any event, IT has a key role to play. | 0 Comments

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