Blackboard Releases Student Identification Tool Using Acxiom Technology

Blackboard has launched a service for student identity verification, powered by technology from Acxiom, a company that specializes in interactive marketing and risk mitigation services. The Acxiom Identify-X service allows institutions to deploy an enhanced verification program that integrates with Blackboard's course management system, Blackboard Learn. After students log into the Blackboard platform and access a course assessment, Acxiom's technology will periodically and randomly present real-time challenge questions that only the enrolled student will know how to answer.



When Computers Leave Classrooms, So Does Boredom

College leaders usually brag about their tech-filled "smart" classrooms, but a dean at Southern Methodist University is proudly removing computers from lecture halls. José A. Bowen, dean of the Meadows School of the Arts, has challenged his colleagues to "teach naked" - by which he means, sans machines. | 0 Comments

Lost in the Cloud

EARLIER this month Google announced a new operating system called Chrome. It’s meant to transform personal computers and handheld devices into single-purpose windows to the Web. This is part of a larger trend: Chrome moves us further away from running code and storing our information on our own PCs toward doing everything online - also known as in "the cloud" - using whatever device is at hand. | 0 Comments

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