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Respondus Update :: Beta Program (new features)

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Kerberos - Making our Networks Safer to use

Goal for Tomorrow

Style of teaching

I came across something that I think you may be interested in. At the strategic planning committee we are discussing SSU/UIS legacy. I mentioned a document that I had come across called the “Blue Memo”, a memo send to the campus on December 1970 by the 1st SSU president Robert Spencer. Under style of teaching at SSU, it says “It should need no elaboration to note that faculty members will be expected to make appropriate use of the library and modern educational technology so as to encourage independent study habits among students. This also clears classroom and seminar time for dialog rather than burdening this time with lectures.”
Use of educational technology, burdening the time with lecture, this was 1970!


Accelerated Learning

Website of Rick Sheridan
California State University
Ed Tech conference material


Configuring Eudora to use LDAP for Directory Services

It has been brought to my attention that with my last posting regarding Directory Services, I neglected to include the steps that need to be taken to incorporate the same functionality into at least one other e-mail client...Eudora!!!


Open Eudora and go to Preferences

Scroll down to LDAP and enter “ldap://et-ldap.uis.edu/ou=people,dc=uisad,dc=uis,dc=edu?displayName,mail” in the field just below Directory Services Host

Enter “(|(displayName=*^0*)(mail=*^0*))” in the field just below Word-wise search filter template

Check the box next to Display raw LDAP attribute names

Click OK



Security Procedures (as mentioned in Team Leader Mtg Minutes)

Author: Bob Walker

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Team Leader Meeting Minutes (Nov 8, 2004)

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Access to Directory Services From Mac

Courtesy of Clay:

You can continue using your favorite mail program and still have access to the global listing of student, faculty, and staff e-mail address with a minor configuration in your mail program. Below, I have listed the steps needed to be taken in two programs. If you would like to see other examples, post back to this list by send an email to uismac-l@uis.edu or email me at cbell1@uis.edu and I will post those as well.

Steps for Entourage 2004

Go up to Entourage and open Account Settings.
Click on drop-down arrow to the right of New and select Directory Service...
Enter a name for Account name and enter “et-ldap.uis.edu” in the space for LDAP server
Click on Options at the top and enter “ou=people,dc=uisad,dc=uis,dc=edu” in the Search base
Just hit OK

Steps for Apple Mail

Open Address Book and up to Address Book open Preferences and click on the LDAP icon
Click on the “+” in the lower, left-hand corner
Enter a name in the Name field and “et-ldap.uis.edu” in the Server field
For the Search Base, enter “ou=people,dc=uisad,dc=uis,dc=edu”
Just click Save

At this point you should be able to use either Entourage (through Tools:Directory Services) or Apple Mail to look up a users email address. | 0 Comments

Computer Simulations

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AITP Seminar



AITP student chapter at UIS invites you to our next event: A Seminar on "IT Certification for Student" by Chris L. McDaniel, Director of Consulting Services, from Novanis Enterprise Solutions and Walter W. Meek, Jr. , Major Account Sales Executive, from New Horizons Computer Learning Centers Of Central Illinois. AITP has invited Mr. Chris and Mr. Walter to present a one-hour seminar on IT Certification at UIS on Thursday, 18th November 2004. Given below are the details about the seminar

Topic: IT Certification for Student
Venue: UHB 1002
Time: 4:15pm - 6.00pm
Day: Thursday
Date: 18th November 2004

Following topics will be covered in the seminar.

How important for IT certification

IT Certification VS Degree

IT Certification VS Working Experience


Microsoft (MCSE,.Net) and CompTIA Security+

The presentation features 40-50 minutes by quest speakers follow by questions and answers. If you have any question about "IT certification for Student", feel free to send all questions to me or prepare them to the seminar.

Seminar is free for all UIS faculty/staff/student. Although pre-registration is not mandatory, I highly encourage you to send email to kchan02s@uis.edu in order to provide the seats, materials and food*.

If you have any question about AITP, please feel free to contact to kchan02s@uis.edu or our AITP student chapter advisor Dr. James Hall (jhall1@uis.edu).

*Limited free food will be available at the venue. Come and have a bite before you go to class.

Thank you,
AITP UIS Student Chapter


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