The Facebook Land Grab

At 12:01 a.m. Saturday, 200 million Facebook users will begin a mad scramble to claim a user name. It may also be the moment, says Douglas Rushkoff, when Facebook becomes obsolete. | 0 Comments


Lecture Capture Is Getting Campuses Talking

Drexel University in Philadelphia, Utrecht University in The Netherlands, the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in Houston, and the University of Bath have all gone public in the last several months with deployments of lecture capture systems within classrooms. Do those increasingly common installations define a new baseline operating requirement for institutions of higher education, or are they simply a new feature that some schools are dabbling in? | 0 Comments


Google's mobile operating system is jumping to the PC

Here's a fun way to test Bing, the new search engine that Microsoft launched this week: Use it to search for news about Android, the open-source operating system that looks to be Google's revenge on its tech rival. You'll discover that at the recent Computex computer show in Taiwan, a parade of PC makers unveiled several "smartbooks," a new buzzword for stylish mobile computers with great battery life and cellular access to the Internet. | 0 Comments


Sensors and sensitivity

Data collection: Mobile phones provide new ways to gather information, both manually and automatically, over wide areas. | 0 Comments

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