Apple will no longer unlock most iPhones, iPads for police, even with search warrants

Apple’s says it can no longer give customer iPhone data to the cops. Its iOS update takes encryption keys out of the company’s hands. It’s an engineering solution to a legal quandary—but data stored in iCloud is still fair game for law enforcement. | 0 Comments


Google Expands Map Resources for Educators and Students

Google is opening up its Google Maps Gallery service with an expanded array of historical and contemporary maps, as well as tools for students and educators that will allow them to create and edit their own maps. | 0 Comments


MOOCs Are Dead -- Long Live the MOOC

"The “e-vangelists” were out in full force with the over-promising and under-delivering of ed tech rhetoric. MOOCs were going to save Higher Education (or destroy it, depending on the session you attended); MOOCs would finally allow tiny State schools or small private colleges the ability to play on the national stage and compete with R-1’s and the Ivy League; and MOOCs would make education a true commodity, thereby creating a financially viable education-for-all system. MOOCs even made popular news media outlets like The New York Times and Time Magazine." | 0 Comments

Essay criticizing the TEACH Act

"Unfortunately, while we share the goal of improving the accessibility of digital instructional materials, TEACH is written in such a way that it would inadvertently work against that goal. It would impose on higher education – and only on higher education – a new standard for accessibility that would essentially eliminate the existing provisions of accessibility law and regulation that allow institutions to meet a student’s need in relation to the curriculum in question and the technologies available.

Instead, it would restrict campus technology use to only those digital instructional materials and related technologies that are fully accessible from the start to all students regardless of the nature of the disability, the commercial availability of such materials and technologies, and the availability of reasonable accommodations. The bill also includes no provision for the “installed base” of campus technologies and materials, so at a minimum, the full scope of campus instructional technology could be impacted." | 0 Comments

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