Collaboratively Evaluating and Deploying Smart Technology in Classrooms

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This is worth a try. Has a very clean interface, appears to work well with BB, secure sites, Java-enabled sites,etc.

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When Good Teaching Means Bad Teaching, Jeffrey R Young

The Chronicle for Higher Education, November 12, 2004



Shared SCSI Arrays for BB Oracle Server


We contacted Dell support and they no longer support this. They have had too many problems with it. See the

Elluminate Live! 6.0

Elluminate Live! 6.0
The new release of Elluminate Live! delivers live video and multimedia capabilities for online collaboration, Web conferencing, and synchronous training with Web, multimedia, and interface enhancements. This latest release builds on Elluminate's Java-based Collaborative Communication Framework (CCF) and provides rich media content support, including live video, multimedia content such as movie playback in Flash and Shockwave formats, and synchronized Web browsing with individual interaction. Version 6.0 ensures clear two-way voice over the Internet and in-sync communications-regardless of connection speeds (including lower speeds like 28.8 kbps)--so there is never any lag time or garbled voices. Thus, CCF overcomes the intermittent reliability of the Internet.

Elluminate Live! 6.0 has also enhanced its cross-platform support, enabling users on Windows, Macintosh, Java Desktop System (JDS/Linux), and Solaris to participate simultaneously in the same session without performance degradation. | 0 Comments

UMass Amherst: Personal Response System

EdTech Staff Minutes (Nov 1)



Guidelines for Using Library Computers

UHB technology survey (FE)

Purpose of the survey:

What technologies are being used in the classrooms by faculty?
What issues/problems have faculty encountered in using the technologies?
What changes/improvements would they like to see?
What value do faculty perceive in these teaching technologies?
Do these technologies actually enhance their teaching and student learning?

Sample questions:

How would you rate your comfort level with technology in the UHB classrooms?

Would you be interested in receiving assistance in developing instructional material which can be used in the classrooms?

Do the available technologies (projector, smartboard, document camera, etc.) in the classrooms meet your pedagogical needs?

How well does the available instructional technology meet your needs in the classroom?

What additional technologies and services would be needed to fully address your pedagogical needs?

Are you aware of faculty development support services that ET offers?

What obstacles have you faced in using the classrooms technologies in your teaching?

What is one improvement that you would like to see in uhb classrooms?

What changes would you like to see regarding technology in the classrooms?

Did you attend any of the orientation sessions we offered at the beginning of the semester? Were they useful? Would you like to see additional orientation/training? If so, what areas should we cover?


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