Home of future supercomputer ready for move-in

What causes tornadoes to form, how to prepare for the next big earthquake and how to create safer cars for the environment may all seem like unanswerable questions of science today — but when the Blue Waters supercomputer moves into its facility in 2011, scientists will be closer to finding those solutions and more. | 0 Comments


My iPad Day

I gave up my iPad last week. Not cheerfully, I might add, but with the maternal motivation that the iPad, loaded with the final season of Lost, might add a little something to my daughter's recovery from surgery. It wasn't easy. My iPad was less than two months old but already a constant companion. Why so attached, so quickly? Living without it taught me how well the little techno-critter fit into my life as a college dean and writer. | 0 Comments


Shaping the Higher Education Cloud

http://net.educause.edu/ir/library/pdf/PUB9009.pdf | 0 Comments

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