Debating the 'Flipped Classroom' at Stanford

Stanford University got lots of attention for inviting the public to participate in a series of free online computer-science classes. One thing that’s drawn less notice is how some of the technologies that help facilitate those mega-classes are changing the experience for Stanford students learning the same subjects. Now a Stanford student is provoking a debate on those innovations, with a blog post critiquing the rigor and format of the “flipped classroom” teaching method deployed in his machine-learning course. | 0 Comments


IT Trends to Watch in 2012

"I expect university libraries to lead the way as they work to counter the increasing cost of acquisitions and subscriptions to their collections. I predict university librarians, using open tools, will take on journal management and support roles that were previously provided by large publishing companies. Moreover, shared-use and cost-sharing agreements between institutions could reduce expenses substantially." | 0 Comments

UM sets classroom recording policy

University of Missouri students will be able to record classroom lectures under a new policy for all four campuses, but they won’t be allowed to share those recordings with outsiders unless they get permission from everyone on tape. | 0 Comments

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