Using Skype and Blackboard to Improve Oral Communication for Distance Learners

Finding an inexpensive way to effectively have voice communication with students in the online statistics classes I teach has not been an easy process, especially since my interest is in having a two-way communication along with the ability to share a series of slides with students | 2 Comments


Glideā„¢ Docs provides an entirely browser-based drag and drop environment to create, view, manage and securely share documents and DocShows. | 0 Comments


Evaluating technology on campus

To determine the effectiveness of a new technology implementation on campus, measure the difference it makes to your constituencies. | 0 Comments


Delivering high quality, low bandwidth video using Flash



Slate's Podcast Roundup

Greetings from the first Portable Media Expo, better known as podcasting's first proper convention... | 0 Comments

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