Designing for the Virtual Interactive Classroom: Campus Technology

A useful overview of available technologies - very relevant to what we are doing or plan to do in the near future. | 0 Comments


Phones, television and computers converge at Dartmouth

In 2001, Dartmouth embarked on a computing journey that started with the deployment of an enormous one-mile square wireless network. It was part of an institutional vision for a computer network infrastructure that would someday combine voice, television and Internet.

[MK: Perhaps UIS should look into Video Furnace] | 0 Comments

Course Management: Ready for Prime Time?



Team Leaders Meeting Minutes (April 25)

TeamLeaderMinutesApr252005.doc | 0 Comments


News on Cisco VPN client and Tiger

If a user installs Tiger and then attempts to launch the VPN client, what is most likely to appear is an error message stating that the IPC (interprocess communications) socket allocation failed and giving the cause as Cisco's VPN service. | 0 Comments

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