Google Begins Selling Textbooks Through Play Store

"With little fanfare, Google began offering electronic textbooks for rent or purchase on its Google Play store on Friday. Included will be books from some of the largest academic-text publishers, including Pearson, Macmillan Higher Education, and Wiley, among others."


Teens, Social Media, and Privacy

According to recent research, the number of college-bound teenagers using social media services like Facebook and YouTube has sharply declined. But while student use of the sites may be down, those who work in student affairs say they are still frequently using the platforms – both on and off the job. See below for today's featured story about how important student affairs professionals think social media is to engaging with the students they serve, plus a bonus story about competency-based degree programs.



No More Double-Spending

College students likely spend hundreds of thousands of dollars extra per year on buying rights for digital versions of readings to which they have free access.


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