Faculty "Buy-In"--To What?

"The phrases “faculty resistance,” or the “lack of faculty buy-in” to adopting information technology for the core teaching/learning paradigm, have become by-words in academia. Yet both phrases are empty and lead nowhere; they are phatic, having a social purpose (bonding among technology advocates) but they contain no useful information. Technology advocates urge faculty members to go away from what they’ve been doing but don’t explain what they should go toward." | 0 Comments


Huge Data Breach Exposes User Data

In what could be one of the biggest such breaches in U.S. history, a diverse swath of companies that did business with Epsilon stepped forward over the weekend to warn customers some of their electronic information could have been exposed. | 0 Comments

Whose E-Mail Is It, Anyway?

"Last month, Stephan Thompson, deputy executive director of the Wisconsin Republican Party, filed a request under the state's open-records law asking the University of Wisconsin at Madison to turn over copies of e-mails from William J. Cronon, a tenured professor of environmental history. The request appears to have been prompted by Cronon's political activism, including a blog post and an op-ed essay in The New York Times. In both, he criticized Gov. Scott Walker and conservatives in general." | 0 Comments

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