F.C.C. Plan to Widen Internet Access in U.S. Sets Up Battle

Looks like a good idea. Access to the Internet should be now considered as basic as access to electric power lines and phone lines. For remote areas it is not profit-making proposition and the business will hardly be able to build the infrastructure and maintain it. | 0 Comments


More Professors Could Share Lectures Online. But Should They?

There are good reasons to press the 'record' button, but uploading to the Internet might desecrate the classroom | 0 Comments

At universities, is better learning a click away?

The students in Michael Dubson's physics class at the University of Colorado fell silent as a multiple choice question flashed on a screen, sending them scrambling for small white devices on their desks.

Within seconds, a monitor on Dubson's desk told him that 92 percent of the class had correctly answered the question on kinetic energy, a sign that they grasped the concept. | 0 Comments


Campus IT Under the Knife

When the biggest client doesn't pay its bills, most organizations either find new clients or figure out ways to cut back on expenses to offset the budget crunch. The University of Illinois found itself in that unenviable position this year when the state appropriated $743 million to it for the 2009 fiscal year but only delivered on a portion of it. | 0 Comments

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