Professors Publish Guide to Copyright Issues of Multimedia Projects

Students often create multimedia projects for classes that blend in clips from YouTube videos or hit songs, and many want to post their creations online for a wider audience. But does that violate copyright law?
It might, and many students fail to understand the legal risks. A new study, titled “Copying Right and Copying Wrong With Web 2.0 Tools in the Teacher Education and Communications Classrooms,” attempts to educate students about both the appropriate and inappropriate ways to use copyrighted materials that are available to mass audiences on the Internet. | 0 Comments


Humanities Scholars Embrace Digital Technology

"A history of the humanities in the 20th century could be chronicled in “isms” — formalism, Freudianism, structuralism, postcolonialism — grand intellectual cathedrals from which assorted interpretations of literature, politics and culture spread.
The next big idea in language, history and the arts? Data." | 0 Comments


How Teaching Changed My Mind about the iPad

"A few months ago, I bought an iPad — and a week later returned it. It didn’t seem to fit my workflow. I use my iPhone to manage my life and my MacBook to do serious work, and it seemed to me that the iPad just plopped down between those two stools and lay there, useless.
But when the fall semester began, I found myself reconsidering that decision, for a couple of reasons." | 0 Comments

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