Is Moore's Law Less Important to the Tech Industry?

The central organizing principle of much of the tech industry is Moore’s Law. In one very important sense, it may be of less value than it once was. The rule itself shows no sign of vanishing. Moore’s Law is the notion that the density of transistors on a chip tends to double every 18 to 24 months. It has held up for nearly five decades, and looks to keep going. | 0 Comments

The Next Big Thing in Computer Memory

Researchers and companies are coming closer to commercializing a type of computer memory called RRAM, or resistive random access memory, that could have big implications for computing, the MIT Technology Review’s Kevin Bullis reports. Because of the way the technology stores data, the resulting architecture allows for more information to be stored on a chip. Some prototypes point to a terabyte chip the size of a postage stamp. “Why don’t you have all the movies you would like on your iPhone? It’s not because you wouldn’t like to, it’s because you don’t have room,” says James Tour, a professor of materials science at Rice University, tells Mr. Bullis. | 0 Comments

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