At M.I.T., Large Lectures Are Going the Way of the Blackboard

For as long as anyone can remember, introductory physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was taught in a vast windowless amphitheater known by its number, 26-100.

Squeezed into the rows of hard, folding wooden seats, as many as 300 freshmen anxiously took notes while the professor covered multiple blackboards with mathematical formulas and explained the principles of Newtonian mechanics and electromagnetism.

But now, with physicists across the country pushing for universities to do a better job of teaching science, M.I.T. has made a striking change. | 0 Comments

Hewlett-Packard Offers Technology Grants for Wired Teachers

Hewlett-Packard's Innovations in Education Grants program announced today that it will give $240,000 in equipment, professional development, and cash to the 10 colleges or universities that submit the best proposals for applying technology to teaching. | 0 Comments

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