The web turns twenty: Difference Engine: Happy anniversary?

IT IS always a little disconcerting to realise a generation has grown up never knowing what it was like to manage without something that is taken for granted today. A case in point: the World Wide Web (WWW), which celebrated the 20th anniversary of its introduction last Saturday | 0 Comments


The Most Helpful Free Education Resources

"Among our questions on OCW usage, Education-Portal.com asked its readers to tell us what types of OCW they found most helpful to their continuing education. Were transcribed lecture notes a crowd favorite, or did people prefer watching classroom videos? Maybe course outlines or reading lists were all they required. As it turns out, the results didn't really indicate a clear winner; the three most favored types of OCW were clustered closely together percentage-wise, as were the next two. What might that mean, and how did our readers prefer their OCW presented? " | 0 Comments


IBM Abruptly Withdraws From Effort to Build Fastest Academic Supercomputer

IBM is taking back the supercomputer parts it recently delivered to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to build the world’s fastest academic supercomputer and is giving the university its money back. The computer company abruptly terminated its contract with the university on Saturday, just months before the building-size computer was to be completed, saying the plans for the machine became more complex and expensive than originally planned. | 0 Comments

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