The Web's New Gold Mine: Your Secrets

"Hidden inside Ashley Hayes-Beaty's computer, a tiny file helps gather personal details about her, all to be put up for sale for a tenth of a penny.
The file consists of a single code— 4c812db292272995e5416a323e79bd37—that secretly identifies her as a 26-year-old female in Nashville, Tenn." | 0 Comments


Reaching the Last Technology Holdouts at the Front of the Classroom

"If you were going to see a doctor and the doctor said, 'I've been really busy since I got out of medical school, and so I'm going to treat you with the techniques I learned back then,' you'd be rightly incensed," he told me recently. "Yet there are a lot of faculty who say with a straight face, 'I don't need to change my teaching,' as if nothing has been learned about teaching since they had been prepared to do it—if they've ever been prepared to." | 0 Comments


On Syllabi and Course Design

"The day before the semester starts is not the day to suddenly think "hey, wouldn't it be cool if I completely overhauled my standard intro class and add a wiki, student blogs, and pecha kucha presentations?" Well, of course you can think that if you like, but acting on it might be difficult at the last minute." | 0 Comments

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