Survey finds grade inflation continues to rise at four-year colleges, but not at community college

"A is by far the most common grade on both four-year and two-year college campuses (more than 42 percent of grades). At four-year schools, awarding of A's has been going up five to six percentage points per decade and A's are now three times more common than they were in 1960." | 0 Comments


How Sal Khan Hopes to Remake Education

"Khan Academy has become a force. Its founder, Salman Khan, talks about his vision for the future, and what he thinks the college of tomorrow should look like. " | 0 Comments


Using dance to design robotics control systems

"Amy LaViers, assistant professor of mechanical science and engineering at the University, is using this connection in her upcoming research project that aims to create a multi-platform robotics control system inspired by the way humans move." | 0 Comments

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