Publishers Take Action Against Georgia State University Copyright Infringement

A group of publishers filed suit in federal court late yesterday to stop widespread copyright infringement at Georgia State University (GSU). The complaint, filed by Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press and SAGE Publications and supported by the Association of American Publishers (AAP), charges that GSU officials are violating the law by systematically enabling professors to provide students with digital copies of copyrighted course readings published by the plaintiffs and numerous other publishers without those publishers’ authorization. The lawsuit seeks injunctive relief to bring an end to such practices, but does not seek monetary damages. | 0 Comments

Text Alerts to Cellphones in Emergency Are Approved

Federal regulators approved a plan on Wednesday to create a nationwide emergency alert system using text messages delivered to cellphones. | 0 Comments


Obama campaign will change election strategy, U. of I. political expert says

A University of Illinois professor predicts the tradition-busting race will also leave another legacy, cementing the social networking power of the Internet into the pavement of future campaign trails. | 0 Comments

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