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Breaking Flash on Intel Macs

If you have an Intel Mac (especially the MacBook Pro) be careful when installing new Web browsers. If you do and it seems like you don't have the Flash plug-in installed, it's easy to install a non-working version of flash over a good one. | 0 Comments


Oxford online learning project folds

An e-learning venture by Oxford University, with Yale and Stanford in the US, has folded after failing to attract enough students. | 0 Comments

The Future for Higher Education: Sunrise or Perfect Storm?

"In today’s knowledge economy, the role of higher education is being redefined—not simply tweaked and fine-tuned but, rather, fundamentally redefined. From where I stand, there are at least two ways to frame this future for higher education." | 0 Comments


Is Your Laptop Telling Secrets?

Every day, at conventions company's executives routinely open their laptops, log on and check their email. They assume if no one is looking, or their room door is locked, the information on their computers' hard drives is secure. | 0 Comments


GC iPod Ingenuity


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