David Olien's Leadership Roundtable Keynote Address

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Focus of the next SPC meeting

The Strategic Planning Committee's focus for Tuesday, November 23 will be VALUES.
Although the word "value" can be interpreted in different ways, a definition that's appropriate for our purposes is "A principle, standard, or quality considered inherently worthwhile or desirable."
We'd like each committee member to bring to the meeting your perception, and the perceptions of those you represent, of the "things" (e.g., values, beliefs, philosophies, characteristics) that give you the most satisfaction and pride in being part of this institution.
There are inherently two contexts for this exercise: the present and the future.
Try to identify which of your values are being satisfied currently and any others that the committee should consider in planning for the future of UIS.
As you are aware, our meeting last week was a look into our past and, to some extent, our present. At a future meeting, Pat Langley will bring a draft of a heritage statement for our comments. Once it has been finalized as our link to the past, all subsequent committee meetings and efforts will focus on the future.

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