How Twitter can be used as a powerful educational tool

On Feb. 10, 2011, the world was transfixed on the protests raging in Egypt. We all watched as thousands gathered in Tahir square, where they had been for the past several weeks, to listen to a speech by President Hosni Mubarak. Many figured this would be his resignation speech. Instead, it offered the citizens of Egypt very little in the way of change, even if it was being presented as something positive. For outsiders looking in, it seemed that the situation would only get worse. | 0 Comments


Google Releases Open-Source Online-Education Software

In an “experimental first step” into online education, the company is releasing software called Course Builder that can be used to deliver online courses. | 0 Comments


Who Does Your College Think Its Peers Are?

Colleges selected by institutions as peers show the power players in the world of higher education. Those choices also reveal sometimes surprising connections. Explore the 1,595 colleges in this network to find out more, or read our article to learn about the trends. | 0 Comments

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