Why I Gave Up Google Glass: form, function, and fashion

I’ve enjoyed using Google Glass. It connected me with faculty in new ways—from pedagogical experiments and brainstorming about research and instructional needs, to serving on panel discussions and informal talks about applying technology in new ways. | 0 Comments


Google Releases Employee Data, Illustrating Tech's Diversity Challenge

Google released statistics on the makeup of its work force, giving clear evidence of the diversity problem at the technology firm, the New York Times reports. Of its U.S. employees, 2% are black, 3% are Hispanic, about a third are Asian and 61% are white. That compares to the U.S. workforce overall, where 80% of employees are white, 12% are black and 5% are Asian. And while 30% of Google’s 46,170 employees worldwide are women, just 17% of its technical employees are women. | 0 Comments


The new ABC for CIOs

CIOs used to primarily keep back-end functions quietly humming, but now they say their roles are changing such that they are becoming their companies’ curators of digital and technical innovation, the Financial Times reports. At a roundtable hosted by executive search firm McKinsey and Spencer Stuart with several Silicon Valley CIOs, participants pointed to analytics and data, mobile and cloud computing as key elements of a contemporary CIO’s repertoire. | 0 Comments

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