How to Connect Technology and Content in the Service of Learning

The digital age has vastly expanded people's access to all sorts of information and resources, including educational materials. The Internet has also fostered a new culture of sharing, one in which
content is freely contributed and distributed with few restrictions. Indeed, the latest evolution of the Internet, Web 2.0, is creating a new kind of participatory medium that is ideal for encouraging multiple
types of learning.


Is Higher Ed Technology Keeping Up with Student Demand?

Students see campus technology is a key factor in selecting a college or university and consider it critical for their professional development. Yet higher education institutions on the whole aren't keeping up with student needs in this area, according to a new report released Monday by CDW Government (CDW-G). | 0 Comments


Web 2.0: Good for Education?

"Web 2.0, coined as a descriptor 4 years ago, describes a moment in history when we let go of print. Information technology became so prevalent and convenient that we could throw out books and read our news online instead of in print. We could listen to music and watch movies, share family albums, develop cadres of friends, and develop a life online with comfort." | 0 Comments


First miniature security computer for Mac desktops and laptops

"The new Gatekeeper Pico for Mac and Gatekeeper Card Pro for Mac, provide 12 internet security applications on a dedicated hardware that offloads security, improves productivity and protects users wherever they connect." | 0 Comments

Authorities Shut Down Major Spam Ring

An Illinois district court on Tuesday ordered an international spam network to shut down, stopping what the Federal Trade Commission says was one of the most prolific spam gangs on the Internet. | 0 Comments


Political Cartoonist Works With University to Create Educational Site About U.S. Elections

A playful new Web site built by scholars at the University of Maryland-Baltimore County uses political cartoons to explain the U.S. Electoral College and give facts about each state's political history. Called USDemocrazy.net, the irreverent site is targeted at a high school audience. But it is also designed to get a chuckle out of anyone following this year's presidential race. | 0 Comments

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