Cyberattacks Hit U.S. and South Korean Web Sites

SEOUL, South Korea - Cyberattacks that have crippled the Web sites of several major American and South Korean government agencies since the July 4th holiday weekend appear to have been launched by a hostile group or government, South Korea's main government spy agency said on Wednesday. | 0 Comments


Google Wave has great potential for education

Google Inc. later this year will unveil Google Wave, a new species of eMail and instant messaging that lets people communicate and work together with richly formatted text, photos, and videos--and it could have broad implications for how students use and develop collaborative skills.


The College of 2020:Students

Monitoring classes on cellphones. Taking classes at multiple colleges. The college students of 2020 are going to demand an education on their terms. Is your college ready? Read the new report, "The College of 2020: Students," from Chronicle Research Services. Click here to read the free executive summary, and save on the report if you are a Chronicle subscriber.


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