UI will not monitor anonymous social media, despite activists push

"On Oct. 21, 72 women’s and civil rights organizations gathered in Washington D.C. to advocate for the U.S. Department of Education to insist that colleges monitor anonymous social media for racist and sexual comments to protect students who are identifiable." | 0 Comments


What Colleges Might Lose by Banning Yik Yak

"Yik Yak should work with colleges to identify users who spew particularly hateful or defaming speech, and colleges should care that students on their campuses are doing this. However, my research demonstrates that harassment via Yik Yak is rare. Users attest that "the community" does a good job of regulating what they qualify as derogatory speech." | 0 Comments


The Digital Divide is an Economic Divide

"While network providers such as Frontier Communications or Mediacom have worked to reach deeper into rural areas in Southern Illinois, there are some geographic and economic barriers to expanding broadband in places that are hilly, forested and remote. " | 0 Comments

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