Universities Start Effort to Extend Broadband to Local Communities

Twenty-nine universities across the country (including UIUC) have started a project to extend their high-speed networks to surrounding communities. The effort, called Gig.U , seeks to spread Internet connections that are several hundred times faster than the typical residential connection. | 0 Comments


The Confidence Game at Google+

"The pleasure of Google+, Google’s new Facebook-style service, which launched in invite-only beta a month ago, is simple: It’s empty. A scenic, untenanted place, like Montana. You run into a friend, say a Facebook friend, on this western frontier, and say, “Wow. It’s great to see you out here. From the East Coast, you say? Baltimore? I’m from Boston!” Just that dubious connection makes us companionable on Google+, makes us “social connections,” as the local Google+ idiom has it. Makes us friends." | 0 Comments

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