An online degree may be great for Venus Williams, but what about for you?

"Those of us without Williams’s money, talent, or fame, who might require a credential to get a job, may find the path to success with an online degree a bit more challenging. That’s because institutions ranging from much-maligned for-profit colleges to Western Governors University, a nonprofit all-online university, to prestigious traditional colleges such as Georgetown University, are offering online courses and degrees and there’s little information out there to differentiate between them." | 0 Comments

Illini Gadget Garage to open at University’s campus

"The Illini Gadget Garage will provide a space for students and faculty to take their broken electronic devices to get them fixed and an opportunity to work simultaneously with staffers to learn and understand how to repair these devices on their own. The idea is to teach users how to repair and maintain their devices through a collaborative repair process." | 0 Comments

Extra screen time drags down teenagers' exam grades, study finds

"Teenagers who spend an extra hour a day surfing the internet, watching TV or playing computer games risk performing two grades worse in exams than their peers who don't, according to research by British scientists." | 0 Comments

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