University pays $20,000 to ransomware hackers

"The University of Calgary transferred 20,000 Canadian dollars-worth of bitcoins ($15,780; £10,840) after it was unable to unwind damage caused by a type of attack known as ransomware." | 0 Comments

The Web’s Creator Looks to Reinvent It

"Today, the World Wide Web has become a system that is often subject to control by governments and corporations. So what might happen, the computer scientists posited, if they could harness newer technologies — like the software used for digital currencies, or the technology of peer-to-peer music sharing — to create a more decentralized web with more privacy, less government and corporate control, and a level of permanence and reliability?" | 0 Comments


MOOCs, Money, and the Untold Story of a Professor Who 'Bought the Hype'

"... how officials and a professor tripped over one another as they raced into the future. At a time when universities faced pressure to adopt the "fail fast" mantra of the tech industry, the rec­ords offer a stark reminder of what haste, and failure, can cost." | 0 Comments

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