Sum Help: Search Engine for Mathletes

It is the tool you wish you had in high-school math class. Wolfram Alpha, a new search engine, has been assessed by Web watchers for its potential to compete with Google. But it's really a bigger threat to calculators - and science and math curricula. Enter a chemical formula for, say, caffeine, and it will tell you everything from its molecular weight to its structure diagram. Enter a derivative, that fixture of calculus class, and it will determine the results, complete with a helpful "show steps" button.



Studies Explore Whether the Internet Makes Students Better Writers

As a student at Stanford University, Mark Otuteye wrote in any medium he could find. He wrote blog posts, slam poetry, to-do lists, teaching guides, e-mail and Facebook messages, diary entries, short stories. He wrote a poem in computer code, and he wrote a computer program that helped him catalog all the things he had written. | 0 Comments

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