Fix Your Terrible, Insecure Passwords in Five Minutes

According to the research firm Experian Simmons, online holiday shopping has started earlier than ever this year. Like most people, you likely use the same password for all of your favorite shopping sites. Back in July, Farhad Manjoo explained why that's a really bad idea—and that there's a head-slappingly easy way to fix up all your passwords in a few minutes.


Course Requirement: Friend Your Professor on Facebook

The Illinois State University instructor decided the best way to connect with a bunch of freshman business students in a short 8 a.m. class was to conduct much of the course where they are anyway—on Facebook. | 0 Comments


Cloud computing envelops EDUCAUSE talk

The 2009 EDUCAUSE higher-education technology conference in Denver Nov. 3-6 saw campus IT administrators present ways to preserve technology budgets during an economic downturn that has devastated many institutions' operating budgets and endowments, while several vendors emphasized the value of moving campus IT to cloud computing. | 0 Comments


Ubiquitous cloud computing by 2019?

George O. Strawn has seen higher-education technology grow exponentially since the late 1960s, so a future campus that operates entirely on cloud computing where students have access to PCs that execute a trillion instructions per second does not seem far-fetched to him. | 0 Comments

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