'Chic Geek': Computer Science Major Rebounds

New national data show that what has been a traumatic decade for computer science departments is finally starting to turn around. For the first time since 2000, the number of newly declared undergraduate majors at doctoral-granting computer science departments is up. | 0 Comments


Sizing Up Second Life

ALL THOSE THINGS YOU'VE HEARD ABOUT Second Life-that corporations spend small fortunes building "islands" that no one ever visits, that the virtual world is overrun by "griefers" whose only purpose seems to be harassing other users, that it's a digital den of depravity-well, they're all true. But it's also true that Second Life has a vibrant education and research community that carries on its business pretty much undisturbed by sword-wielding ninjas, and colleges and universities are leading the way in this virtual realm of possibilities. | 0 Comments

iPhone may get Exchange support

Apple may announce full Exchange support for the iPhone at an event scheduled for Thursday, an analyst said last week. | 0 Comments

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