Blackboard Announces Collaboration With Major Textbook Publishers

Four major textbook providers—Cengage, Macmillan, Pearson, and John Wiley & Sons—today announced that they will build tighter links between their advanced e-textbook platforms and Blackboard’s popular course-management system. | 0 Comments


Judge Sides With For-Profit Colleges in Challenge to 'State Authorization' Rule

The ruling strikes down a requirement that the institutions seek approval in every state where they enroll students, but upholds other new rules on pay and recruiting. | 0 Comments


Quo Vadis, LMS?

A panel of leading technologists, educators, and vendors discusses the future of the LMS and the innovations needed to make it integral to 21st century learning. | 0 Comments

Introducing Google+

"Almost two weeks ago, Google caught most everyone off guard by suddenly introducing a new social network, Google+. Google+ isn’t the search giant’s first foray into social networking. There was last year’s Buzz, which really put a bee in everyone’s bonnet with a privacy snafu on its first day. There’s Orkut, which is relatively unknown in North America and Europe, but is among the top-visited websites in Brazil and India. And there’s Google Friend Connect…which I hadn’t even heard of until I started writing this post." | 0 Comments

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