Google Spending Millions to Find the Next Google

" Google thinks it can be young and crazy again. And it is betting $200 million that it is right.
Caught up in the hottest market for technology start-up companies in over a decade, the Silicon Valley behemoth is playing venture capitalist in a rush to discover the next Facebook or Zynga. | 0 Comments


How Khan Academy Is Changing the Rules of Education

"But last November, Thordarson began using Khan Academy in her class. Khan Academy is an educational website that, as its tagline puts it, aims to let anyone “learn almost anything—for free.” Students, or anyone interested enough to surf by, can watch some 2,400 videos in which the site’s founder, Salman Khan, chattily discusses principles of math, science, and economics (with a smattering of social science topics thrown in). | 0 Comments

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