LinkedIn tries to get users' attention by offering them influence - latimes.com

LinkedIn is rolling out its latest effort to get you to spend more time on the professional networking service. This time, it's giving you a shot at wielding your influence alongside Barack Obama and Bill Gates. | 0 Comments


MOOC team set to hire more staff, launch new courses - The Daily Illini

"But these free courses, which enroll tens of thousands of participants from around the world, require plenty of resources. Each class costs about $30,000 to $50,000 to produce, not including the faculty members' time spent on its development. In addition to faculty members' curricula, the MOOCs require a staff of instructional designers, who in turn design the MOOC presentation; audio and video producers to nail down technical details; and copywriters to ensure that the material is in the public domain." | 0 Comments


Where is the Netflix for College Textbooks?

"The new subscription textbook model would support what student’s already intuitively experience on their iPads and laptops which are filled with thousands of content choices like video, movies or music but at a fraction of the cost—why should textbooks be any different?" | 0 Comments

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