Data security and higher education

"Information is the lifeblood of any educational facility, based on the free exchange of information, ideas and research. For this reason, colleges and universities face unique data security challenges." | 0 Comments


Business Schools Try Palm Scans To Finger Cheats

In a sign of increasing concern about cheating, the nation's top business schools will soon require a high-tech identity check for standardized admissions tests. | 0 Comments


New Systems Keep a Close Eye on Online Students at Home

Tucked away in a 1,200-page bill now in Congress is a small paragraph that could lead distance-education institutions to require spy cameras in their students' homes.
It sounds Orwellian, but the paragraph - part of legislation renewing the Higher Education Act - is all but assured of becoming law by the fall. No one in Congress objects to it. | 0 Comments

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