How to Find What Clicks in the Classroom

Three years ago, when I returned to university information-technology administration from teaching, I thought that I might have missed key developments in the uses of technology for teaching purposes during my two years away. Two years is a long time in technology terms. But most of the issues facing instructional technology are the same now as they were 15 years ago, when I started using technology to try to foster changes in teaching. | 0 Comments


Academic Reaction to Court Decision About Plagiarism-Detection Is Mixed

Education bloggers disagree over a federal judge’s decision holding that a commercial plagiarism-detection tool popular among professors does not violate the copyright of students, even though it stores digital copies of their essays in the database that the company uses to check works for academic dishonesty | 0 Comments

Beauty and the blog

Web 2.0 enters the lipstick jungle | 0 Comments

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