Does Technology Make Us Smarter or Dumber?

Can a calculator make you smarter? The QAMA calculator can. You use it just like a regular calculator, plugging in the numbers of the problem you want to solve — but QAMA won’t give you the answer until you provide an accurate estimate of what that answer will be. If your estimate is way off, you’ll have to go back to the problem and see where you went wrong. 



Totally Addictive Education: The Future of Learning

Today, most educational systems are designed to work from the microscopic to the macroscopic. Students learn facts and figures and tiny fractions of knowledge long before anyone really puts things into a larger context. | 0 Comments

Judge Throws Out Lawsuit Over UCLA's Streaming of Videos to Students

The case involved the streaming of purchased video content to students over the intranet. The university argued that the practice was permissible as "fair use." 

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