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Millions of Dell power adapters recalled

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Millions of Dell power adapters recalled
By Dinesh C. Sharma

The Taiwan-made AC adapters sold with Dell notebooks can overheat, posing the risk of fire and electrical shock.


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We have recently bought Sony Video Projector model VPLCX85, which includes a wireless module as well as ability to use a memory stick (for no-PC presentations, if the Powerpoint slides are static). This model is 3000 lumens and available for less than $3K.
My staff report that video works well. Since we use sign language, our video quality needs are high and motion in videos is very high. We've bought one add-on wireless device for an exisiting projector and found that video didn't work well with those.

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Adam Albina wrote:

Has anyone been using the wireless projectors in smart/technology enhanced classrooms? I saw them at Educause last year and was intrigued with the possibilities until I was told by the vendor that motion and video don't work very well. They do well with static Power Point type application projection.

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In addition to the other excellent responses - you may want to investigate some of the newer projectors that are network enabled.

These models offer some very nice functional advantages in terms of connectivity and support.



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