Microsoft Office Simplified for the Web

I am writing this in Microsoft Word, hardly an unusual way to author a document. But I'm not using Word as you know it—part of the large, complex Microsoft Office suite installed on your computer's hard drive. Instead, I am using a new, streamlined version of Word that for the first time resides on remote servers you reach through the Internet. | 0 Comments

AT&T Discloses Breach of iPad Owner Data

AT&T Inc. acknowledged Wednesday that a security hole in its website had exposed iPad users' email addresses, a breach that highlights how corporations still have problems protecting private information. | 0 Comments


A Self-Appointed Teacher Runs a One-Man 'Academy' on YouTube

The most popular educator on YouTube does not have a Ph.D. He has never taught at a college or university. And he delivers all of his lectures from a bedroom closet. | 0 Comments


Things you should know about the P2P provisions of HEOA

The Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA), signed into
law in August 2008, was the first major revision in a decade of the
Higher Education Act of 1965. The subsequently negotiated regulations
for implementing the act introduce new requirements for institutions of higher education to address the issue of unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material on their networks. | 0 Comments

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