Google Instant: Less innovation, more profit

"The new search service aims to squeeze more cash from Google's core business -- and may prove that the search giant has no more worlds to conquer" | 0 Comments

Should Colleges Encourage Better Tech/Life Balance?

"Naomi S. Baron, a linguistics professor at American University, studies how cell phones and online messaging change social interactions. She talks to the Tech Therapy team about her concern that colleges push too much technology on students and professors. Should colleges encourage e-mail-free Fridays?" | 0 Comments


Google Speeds Queries With 'Instant' Results

"Those who find Google’s search engine to be impossibly slow will welcome Google Instant, an upgrade to the company’s search results that it unveiled Wednesday. People read more quickly than they type, Google says, and seeing preliminary search results under the search box means people will have to type less and can adjust their searches on the fly." | 0 Comments


Facebook Launches “Universities on Facebook”

Facebook is launching the “Universities on Facebook” Page, which will help students and campus organizations discover how to take full advantage of Facebook’s features to publicize events, distribute content, foster community and school spirit. | 0 Comments

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