Influencing User Behavior through Digital Library Design

"Each of the elements of a digital library – its collections, the portals to those collections, and its supporting services – plays an important role in determining how the library is used and what impact it will have on users. In this article, we explore how the portal of a digital library can be designed to influence the behavior of its users." | 0 Comments


The Open Video Project

"The Open Video Digital Library Toolkit is a collaborative project between
Simmons College and Northeast Historic Film and funded by the Institute of
Museum and Library Services to create a collection of template files,
documentation and tutorials ("the Toolkit") to enable libraries, museums
and other organizations with limited resources to easily make their moving
image collections available via the Web." | 0 Comments


Metadata: A Promising Solution


Raising the Awareness of Online Accessibility

The Importance of Developing and Investing in Online Course Materials That Enrich the Classroom Experience for Special-Needs Students

Lori Weir - Middlesex Community College

MK: Another initiative UIS should be looking into as we offer more online classes. | 0 Comments


Interactive 'Clickers' Changing Classrooms


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