Technology Helps New Orleans University Rebuild Enrollment

What do you do when the mainstream media's portrayal of your city is relentlessly negative? When news services persist in showing flooded streets and stranded people and cars? When enrollments drop drastically and your technology staff is slashed because students and staff have left the city?
For several New Orleans colleges and universities, the answer has been technology. | 0 Comments


E-learning Market Pushing Toward Open Source

With open source products maturing, Blackboard's ongoing lawsuit with Desire2Learn, and more and more functions linked to learning management systems, it can be a tough time for institutions to standardize on an e-learning platform. | 0 Comments


Out with the lecture!

The traditional lecture format of many science classes may actually be making undergraduate students understand science less, renowned physicist Carl Wieman said during a lecture at the University of British Columbia Monday. This revelation is fueling a growing movement in the sciences to revolutionize how science is taught, he said, especially in lower-level university classes. | 0 Comments

College Alumni Magazines Struggle to Compete With Facebook

Most people read their college alumni magazines for the class notes, immediately flipping to the back to see who was married, had a baby or was promoted to an envy-inducing job. The columns tend to be meatiest at this time of year — class reunion season. | 1 Comments


SAUDI ARABIA: E-learning education shake-up

In a major transformation of traditional education, most universities in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia are expected to switch to a system of e-learning next year. The Saudi Ministry of Higher Education has established a National Centre of E-learning & Distance Learning, known as the ELC, to organise the change and prepare e-learning material. Nine universities have already agreed to implement the system. | 0 Comments

Incubating Next-Gen.Edu

Given a blank slate, what should the 21st century college classroom look like, and how should it be operated? Answering those questions is the idea behind setting up "incubator classrooms," spaces dedicated to trying out new technologies and new ways of teaching and learning. By incubating new ideas, faculty members and IT staff discover which teaching approaches and tools work best, before they're rolled out more broadly across campus. | 0 Comments

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